Gitlab.rb config question ( /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb )


I’ve setup a gitlab 7.9.4 instance on Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet). I’ve installed from source using the installation instructions here (install from source doc), this all went fairly smoothly and tests seem to indicate everything is correctly configured and working as expected.

The next step is to move the repos onto the NAS, so I’ve mounted a share over NFSv4 which is working as expected, now from what I’ve read, I need to edit the ‘/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb’ configuration file to move the data directory to the mounted filesystem, i.e.

git_data_dir = '/media/gitlab/repositories'

My question (1) is the ‘/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb’ file doesn’t exist, and it’s not mentioned anywhere in the installation document either, am I supposed to create this?

Secondly (2), there seems to be a bit of overlap of functionality between gitlab.yml and gitlab.rb configuration, which file should I be using to configure settings? I’ve read that gitlab.rb should be used as gitlab.yml may be overwritten during upgrade, but I would have thought this would have been mentioned in the install document if this was the case.

The only gitlab.rb file i can find on the filesystem is located here:


Since you installed from source there is no /etc/gitlab/gitlab/rb. This file only exists if you install the package from

The setting you want to configure is in config/gitlab.yml and it exists at