Gitlab restore


We lost ssh connection to server so we mounted the old gitlab disks to another server . is there a way we can recover it from the gitlab directory.

Please check this on priority

You don’t lose the SSH connection to a server without it having a more fundamental problem. Just saying that you lost SSH connection really doesn’t say much, you should probably dig a little more into what happened, and possibly recover the old server.

Don’t you have a proper backup?

I’ll go on a worst-case scenario whether the old server is completely unavailable.

There are no supported ways of doing that, but if you can make the new server look sufficiently (I know the GitLab versions need to be different, I have no clue if anything else does, but it also depends on whether you use(d) the omnibus package or installed from source) like the old, I think it will “just work” if you restore all the directories containing data, what directories that are depends on your configuration, and the defaults on whether you use the omnibus package or installed from source.