Gitlab-runner autoscale not registering

Gitlab Group Runner

Hi, I am following this guide:

It might be out of date now?

There are a couple of issues:

  1. when idlecount is zero, the gitlab runner with docker-machine does not automatically create an instance when i submit a job. i had to set the idlecount to 1 to have gitlab runner with docker-machine to create an instance.

  2. docker-machine uses ubuntu 16.04 as the default ami. when spinning up, it fails completely.

  3. i had to specify the ami with docker-machine to ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. it spins up a instance and completes. but it does not register the gitlab-runner. i logged into the new instance, and gitlab-runner is not installed and no docker container is being run on the machine.


  • Has anybody use this guide recently?
  • Is AWS tested or should we use GCP like the Gitlab shared runners
  • As the forum mentioned, docker-machine is no longer supported, but I understood Gitlab would still continue supporting it?

Thanks in advance!