GitLab Runner cannot clone, unable to get issuer certificate

Here is my architecture:
I run a gitlab server by docker on GCP GCE and I had added ssl on it.
Then I use helm to install gitlab runner on GKE follow step by this website.
And the runner is registration success.

While I trigger the pipeline to run CI. The pipeline failed and I got this error.

Running with gitlab-runner 11.7.0 (8bb608ff)
  on gitlab-runner-gitlab-runner-785cf47bb-7pw2k kv9DojBy
Using Kubernetes namespace: gitlab
Using Kubernetes executor with image docker ...
Waiting for pod gitlab/runner-kv9dojby-project-3-concurrent-04gtzf to be running, status is Pending
Running on runner-kv9dojby-project-3-concurrent-04gtzf via gitlab-runner-gitlab-runner-785cf47bb-7pw2k...
Cloning repository...
Cloning into '/general/year-end-party/yep-web'...
fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
/bin/bash: line 72: cd: /general/year-end-party/yep-web: No such file or directory
ERROR: Job failed: command terminated with exit code 1

I have already created a secret on GKE, and assign the certsSecretName on helm values.yaml.
I don’t know how could I fix this, please someone help me.

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I have no idea what’s wrong in the configuration, but it seems a similar bug has already been reported at