Gitlab runner configuration - multiple instance types

In the config.toml file for a Gitlab runner, is it possible to use multiple instance types e.g.
amazonec2-instance-type=[t3.large, t3.xlarge]?

I assume you are referring to the AWS auto-scaling configuration using docker-machine and MachineOptions as parameter? Autoscaling GitLab Runner on AWS EC2 | GitLab

AFAIK multiple options are not possible, the EC2 docker machine driver only supports a single string in drivers/amazonec2/amazonec2.go · main · / Ops Sub-Department / docker-machine · GitLab

Potentially this needs a second runner instance, which configures a different instance type variable.

The docker machine auto scaling way needs a replacement though, as docker machine was officially deprecated by Docker and GitLab maintains a fork. Suggest following Strategy in response to deprecation of Docker Machine by Docker (#341856) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab for updates and alternatives.

Thanks. Yes it’s in machine options and yes, it is spun u using auto-scaling. Basically the problem we have is with insufficient instance capacity of certain types of instances…The suggestion from AWS is to launch them into another availability zone. I guess it might also be impossible to have some options of Availability Zones to launch instances in…

Looking at the MachineOptions in the driver table, it seems that amazonec2-zone=x in combination with the subnet parameters is what you are looking for.