Gitlab runner connection error

Hi all,
I install a runner on docker and connect it with gitlab. Gitlab show it configured.
I have a java project and when I commit it a pipeline start to build and check error. This build ask the runner to build and give some problem.
1) Preparing the “docker” executor
Using Docker executor with image
Starting service docker:20.10.12-dind …
Pulling docker image docker:20.10.12-dind …
Using docker image sha256:1a42336ff683d7dadd320ea6fe9d93a5b101474346302d23f96c9b4546cb414d for docker:20.10.12-dind with digest docker@sha256:6f2ae4a5fd85ccf85cdd829057a34ace894d25d544e5e4d9f2e7109297fedf8d …
Waiting for services to be up and running (timeout 30 seconds)…
*** WARNING: Service runner-nhijrs6f-project-203-concurrent-0-316754a20a43d1fe-docker-0 probably didn’t start properly.
Health check error:
start service container: Error response from daemon: Cannot link to a non running container: /runner-nhijrs6f-project-203-concurrent-0-316754a20a43d1fe-docker-0 AS /runner-nhijrs6f-project-203-concurrent-0-316754a20a43d1fe-docker-0-wait-for-service/service (services.go:192:0s)
Service container logs:
2024-01-31T22:15:34.187060124Z ip: can’t find device ‘ip_tables’
2024-01-31T22:15:34.189219412Z ip_tables 36864 1 iptable_filter
2024-01-31T22:15:34.190489718Z x_tables 61440 9 ip6_tables,iptable_filter,xt_nat,xt_tcpudp,xt_conntrack,xt_MASQUERADE,xt_addrtype,nft_compat,ip_tables
2024-01-31T22:15:34.193428191Z modprobe: can’t change directory to ‘/lib/modules’: No such file or directory
2024-01-31T22:15:34.200566220Z mount: permission denied (are you root?)
2024-01-31T22:15:34.200584483Z Could not mount /sys/kernel/security.
2024-01-31T22:15:34.200590080Z AppArmor detection and --privileged mode might break.
2024-01-31T22:15:34.200603876Z mount: permission denied (are you root?)

Pulling docker image
Using docker image sha256:77767b5f46beb70cd96ae318409fed78042bb5fba03ea003f4e80380cca23c40 for with digest

This is a warning I don’t think is important

2) Preparing environment
Running on runner-nhijrs6f-project-203-concurrent-0 via 384970238fe3…

No problem I can see

3) Getting source from Git repository
Fetching changes with git depth set to 20…
Reinitialized existing Git repository in /builds/[group]/[repo].git/
fatal: unable to access ‘http://gitlab.domain.tld/[group]/[repo].git/’: Failed to connect to gitlab.domain.tld port 80 after 3053 ms: Couldn’t connect to server

I check that gitlab and the runner is in the same docker subnet
I connect to the console of the runner and try to ssh to gitlab and it resolve the name.
I try from my computer the url of the repository and exist it
I use a reverse proxy (https) for let user connect to my gitlab.
I cann’t connect to docker:port without reverse proxy than I don’t know if the runner need to use the reverse proxy or can go directly to gitlab.

Thank you for help.