GitLab runner dose not execut the VCPKG installation propperly

I have created this repository where I recreated this bug and explained every step individually. Could any of you explain to me what exactly I am missing or is this a bug on the VCPKG or Gitlab side?

The short description is that when I am running the VCPKG command ./vcpkg install --feature-flags=manifests which is going to be used inside of the Dockerfile is going to fail to one of the libs that have to be downloaded, each time will fail to other libs, is not going to be the same every single time.

How can I fix this? Does anyone know?

The error log says

Failed to download file with error: 1
 If you are using a proxy, please check your proxy setting. Possible causes are:      

which means that the required dependencies for executing vcpkg later are not installed.

I’m not deeply familiar with docker compose networks, but it seems that both the runner and GitLab server container do not have internet access. You can test that by entering the runner container (docker exec…), installing/calling curl with a similiar download URL from the CI/CD config script section.

This docker-compose file configures networks with external: true