Gitlab Runner Environment Variables

Hello, I’m trying to test my .gitlab-ci file on my Mac. I’m using the gitlab runner. My CI file has some terraform init commands which require AWS credentials. When I echo “AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID” it shows up as blank, but I have the environment variables configured in my ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml file

This is what I have under runners. I don’t understand why the environment variables aren’t showing up. It works if I pass in through the CLI using --env, but I’m trying to avoid that.

What executor type are you using on macOS? And what does the configuration loadup section of gitlab-runner --debug run show for the environment section?

The issue perhaps could be that the runner has not truly restarted after the environment line change. A manual run such as above, combined with a new job triggered while it runs, can help test it.

I’m using the docker executor. I don’t see the environment variables with Debug. I’ve definitely restarted the runner a number of times since I posted this a month ago.