Gitlab Runner excuting a job that requires a file from ProgramData in windows


I’m having trouble executing a pipeline job on my custom CI. The pipeline has a job that gets executed on a self hosted gitlab runner, with all the dependencies installed.

The job executes an .exe (SmartAssambly) that gets the binaries of a previous job and obfuscates them.
SmartAssambly has a config file in:

C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SmartAssembly\

When running the job in command line in a user, the application (SmartAssembly) works perfectly and runs with the setting loaded from the provided folder. But when it gets executed by the gitlab runner service it wont load that config file and the execution fails as is not running with the settings provided on that folder.

The runner is set up tu run as a windows user, no other parameters are provided.

Is there any kind of limitation on executions by the gitlab runner? The fact that its a windows service does imply some limitations, but does it affect that the .exe (SmartAssembly) I’m running inside the job, tries to read a config from ProgramData folder?


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