Gitlab runner freezes and turns off the monitor

Hello everyone!

I have a really strange issue with gitlab-runner.

As you can see in the title of the topic, when i’ve running gitlab-runner with command
sudo gitlab-runner run
for processing my pipeline, it’s freezes my computer and turns off the monitor :upside_down_face:

I have a pretty good computer configuration:

and don’t understand, what’s going wrong :slight_smile:

I’m using gitlab-ee_13.8.0-ee.0_amd64.deb package and every thing works fine.
Also the same behavior occurs with docker gitlab-ee docker image

Version of gitlab-runner - 13.8.0

It will be great if somebody will have any suggestions about this issue :slight_smile:

I’ve found the solution!

The problem was in an executor type.
I’m used a shell type before, but an issue is disappeared after changing it to docker

I’m just put it here:

After changing the executor type of registered gitlab-runner, the another one issue appears:

while pipeline was started and default docker image was downloaded, gitlab is trying to clone your current repository to the default docker image container and this will crash a whole pipeline, because your gitlab host is unreachable from container.

After few requests to google i’ve found some answers:

  1. setup extra_hosts or clone_url in your runner

  2. add before_script to your .gitlab-ci.yml

But it’s doesn’t help me in my case. The right answer for me was change external_url param in gitlab.rb configuration file