Gitlab-Runner HPA with same runnerToken

For the new GitLab 16.xx-versions, I was wondering, if it is a problem, to use the same runnerToken for multiple runner-instances in a K8s-Cluster.

As the values.yaml supports HPA(Horizontal Pod Autoscaler), there can be created multiple gitlab-runner-pods, which are using the same runnerToken (which has been created via GitLab UI) .

Is this intended?

For big clusters with runners for many projects, it would be good to have multiple replicas in order to provide high availability. Sure, I could use n Helm-releases with different runnerTokens, but the hpa seems like the cleaner way of doing it.

I have tried it locally (not in prod) but didn’t notice any troubles.

Since nothing stops you using the same token in any number of Runners even outside Kuberentes I’d say it’s fine and I am using it as well.