gitlab-runner kubernetes cache

I have a kubernetes cluster with a gitlab-runner 10.3.0 and kubernetes executor. There is no cache_dir defined in the runner’s config.toml-file.

In a .gitlab-ci.yml, I configured a job to use the cache:

    key: "${PROJECT_NAME}"
      - "node_modules/"
    - ls node_modules/ || echo "cache not there"
    - npm i
    - npm build
    - ...

When I run this, I see the cache being pulled and created:

Cloning repository for some-branch with git depth set to 1...
Cloning into '/group/projectname'...
Checking out d03baa31 as some-branch...
Skipping Git submodules setup
Checking cache for projectname...
Successfully extracted cache
// being done here... 
Creating cache projectname...
node_modules/: found 24278 matching files
Created cache
Job succeeded

However, when I push another commit to this branch, the ls node_modules/ still does not find the cache.

I searched the documentation and did not find any information on how to activate the cache. The gitlab-runner-pod does not have any of the supposedly cached files there as well and according to the documentation, a cache_dir in the config is not used by the kubernetes executor.

But according to this feature page, the kubernetes executor does support cache.

So how to do this?

@LarsKumbier have you found the work around for this?

@tuananh Yes, you need to install the S3-compatible minio-service. Further notes here.