Gitlab runner missing auth token

I am a little confused on getting a gitlab runner deployed via docker and could use some help. It tells me that to register the runner I should use a Auth token because the other form is going away. But it tells me to look in the config.toml and nothing is really there, certainly not an auth token.

From the docs
“Locate the runner authentication token in the config.toml file. Runner authentication tokens have the prefix, glrt-.”

But the Auth token is not there. Its pretty bare,

root@658d91be8160:/# cat /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml 
concurrent = 1
check_interval = 0
shutdown_timeout = 0

  session_timeout = 1800

I am using the gitlab-runner:latest build from gitlab.

Version: 16.6.1
Git revision: f5da3c5a
Git branch: 16-6-stable
GO version: go1.20.10
Built: 2023-11-24T21:11:36+0000
OS/Arch: linux/amd64

I am able to register the old and depreciating way but the docs make it sound so easy with the new auth code.

I tried to install the runner directly on a Ubuntu 22.04 VM and the same issue happened. No auth token in either the user or system level config.toml. Is there steps missing form the documentation to generate the auth token?

Finally figured it out, I was following the first link which jumps right to register the runner and mentions getting the auth token in the config.yaml.

from Install GitLab Runner | GitLab

"After you install GitLab Runner, you must create and register runners with your GitLab instance. This instance can be self-managed, or you can use You can also follow the tutorial, Create, register, and run your own project runner. "