GitLab runner on OpenShift 4.x


I have OpenShift 4.2 running solid, and GitLab 10.8 deployed externally to OpenShift. I have connected my “Kubernetes” cluster (i.e, OpenShift in this instance), and everything connected fine (or so it would seem). However, when updating/pushing my .gitlab-ci.yml, no build is triggered. Alas, I haven’t even configured the Runner, and indeed, the “Install” box is greyed out for this cluster.

Is the GitLab runner supported on OpenShift 4.x? I could use a WebHook from OpenShift itself, but then I wouldn’t take advantage of CI/CD.

Many thanks for any insights!


Thought i’d update and close this thread; I just deployed the very latest version of GitLab, and Helm Tiller / GitLab Runner were deployed no problem.

Moral of the story - run current :slight_smile: