Gitlab-runner stopped mounting the configured volumes


for the longest time I was running a gitlab-runner successfully, but now my instance has suddenly stopped mounting several volumes I have configured inside of the CI containers. My config.toml configuration file says (among other things):

  volumes = [ "/var/cache/gitlab-runner:/cache", "/root/.ssh:/root/.ssh:ro", "/var/lib/smelt:/var/lib/smelt:ro" ]

When gitlab-runner starts up, it logs:

gitlab-runner[24355]:       volumes:
gitlab-runner[24355]:       - /var/cache/gitlab-runner:/cache
gitlab-runner[24355]:       - /root/.ssh:/root/.ssh:ro
gitlab-runner[24355]:       - /var/lib/smelt:/var/lib/smelt:ro

Yet, inside of the container that runs my CI builds, neither /root/.ssh nor /var/lib/smelt exists. (Curiously enough, the configured /cache volume exists and seems to work fine.)

I have no idea what is going on. Is it possible that this behavior is related to a recent update to version 11.11.0? This entire setup used to work just fine just 2 weeks ago and I’m fresh out of ideas how to debug this phenomenon.

Any suggestions are highly welcome.