Gitlab Runner stops looking for jobs

Gitlab Runner stops looking for jobs … then re-registers itself

Hi ! We’ve been facing an issue where the runner - deployed to a Kubernetes cluster - simply stops looking for jobs. This seems to be hapenning during the 1AM-5AM UTC period. The logs show nothing, no error, except for the fact that i no longer see Checking for jobs... received but keep seeing:
Appending trace to coordinator...ok | Updating job....

After an hour or so, it simply re-registered itself:

Registration attempt 1 of 30
Runtime platform e[0;m arche[0;m=amd64 ose[0;m=linux pide[0;m=16 revisione[0;m=853330f9 versione[0;m=16.5.0

Could this be a problem with or some spooky action at a distance ?