Gitlab runners across a pool of servers

Gitlab 16.8 on a standalone GITLAB instance. I have defined a project runner that I want to run on a pool of 5 GITLAB-RUNNER servers. If I register with the command that is obtained from Project->CI/CD->Runners and use a "gitlab-runner register --url https://xxxxx --token glrt-XXXXXXX

This results in an update to the local gitlab-runner servers’ config.toml. Under the [[runners]] section, I see a token=“glrt-XXXXXXX” (the same value that I registered with)

I thought each gitlab runner is to have a UNIQUE token so the gitlab server knows which runner server to send requests to? Am I missing something?


Yes, you should repeat process 5 times, so each runner gets new token (i.e. for every runner you should click on “New project runner” and follow instructions to complete). This way you can also select different executors and/or tags if needed.