GitLab Runners registration issue on WIndows

GitLab runners throws an error while registering on my local machine(setup GitLab CI). I am currently using GitLab Community Edition 8.17.2 version. From the issue description , I understand that I need to update GitLab CE latest version. But I have no option to do that, So please guide me how to install compatible version runners which suits for my GitLab.

Thanks in Advance.

ERROR: Registering runner… failed
runner = ExkjsJxnXX
status = 401 Unauthorized ERROR: Checking GitLab compatibility… not-compatible
reason = GitLab Runner >= 9.0 can be used ONLY with GitLab CE/EE >= 9.0
result = 401
runner = ExkjsJxnXX
statusText = 401 Unauthorized
PANIC: Failed to register this runner. Perhaps you are having network problems

Finally I got the correct version for my GitLab 8.17.2.
The following gitlab-runner binaries for Windows work: