GitLab session API is not working in gitlab CE 10.3.5

Recently I have upgraded my gitlab to 10.3.5 from 9.3.6. From that moments onwards, the session API returns 404 error even for correct values. How to achieve this latest version?

C:\Users\test>curl.exe --request POST ""
{"error":"404 Not Found"}

I don’t see an endpoint called “sessions”. Also, I don’t believe userid/password is a valid auth but I did not try it.

OAuth2 tokens
Personal access tokens
Session cookie

@aram_mirzadeh I get the API from below page.

That’s API v3 documentation, not v4. You can still use v3 if you want but it’ll be phased out soon I believe. You should be using the documentation.

I tried in v3 also, But it is not working.

From the documentation: “API V3 will be unsupported from GitLab 9.5”