GitLab - ssh -T - asking password

Hi All,

I have been trying since last week for ssh connection in gitlab. I have followed gitlab document to generate ssh keys and added my public key into my gitlab profile and later on when I tried to clone or pull etc using ssh it is asking me for password. I have followed everything correctly. But still I am seeing the same issue.

I am a gitlab admin we so many users and projects under gitlab. I am in trouble configuring this thing, Do anyone knows how to configure this ? Do I have to configure anything on the server system side. Please let me know. I appreciate your help and time


I assume it’s not asking for the SSH key passphrase?

What version of GitLab are you running, and is it an omnibus install?


Its not passphrase. It is asking for password. Omnibus install. 8.12.X version of GitLab

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