Gitlab templates does not execute

Problem to solve

i have a problem with gitlab Dependency-Scanning.gitlab-ci template, i import it, but it seems it does not work.

  • when i click on visualise, i see the tests.

  • but when the pipeline excuted it only show the test step

Note: i’m using shell runner, in linux

thank you in advance for your time

Hi @khirou :wave: Welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

To use GitLab Dependency Scanning, you need a GitLab Runner with the docker or kubernetes executor. (see Dependency Scanning Prerequisites)

Dependency scanning will not work if you’re using the GitLab Runner Shell executor.

hello @gitlab-greg thank you for your answer, so there is no way to use this with shell executor ?, because i don’t have access to change the runner executor, is there anything suggested ?

i’ve changed the executor to docker but still the same,