Gitlab throws 500 error after migrating Keycloak

We have Gitlab working with an older version of Keycloak and wanted to swap the configuration to our new Keycloak server. When changing the configuration url within gitlab.rb. Then try to sign-in we get an internal 500 error.
The steps below is what I’ve done

  • copy client from one Keycloak to another
  • refresh the secret for gitlab client
  • change configuration to point to new url in gitlab.rb
  • change client secret in gitlab.rb
  • reconfigure gitlab and start services
  • open url and select keycloak login
  • get 500 internal error
    I’ve checked logs for auth and production but can’t find anything to help point me to what the issue is.

This is working now see (Re)Connect to OIDC failed with "uninitialized constant Gitlab::Auth::Oidc::IdentityLinker" after Gitlab - Upgrade (#411288) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab