Gitlab Unable to delete ssh key


Hello all.

I am unsure if this is the correct location to post this . Please help direct me if this is not the right place.

version Gitlab CE 13.3.5

We have a problem where a user had an old SSH key, which they no longer use. The user wants to delete the SSH key. But, it is not available in the UI in the users account.

When we use the following API to find the users ssh keys it is not there: https://gitlab.server/api/v4/users/keys

However, we can find it with the following api:
: https://gitlab.server/api/v4/users/keys/

How can I delete the SSH key so it is not usable. This is a potential security risk if the private key were to be leaked then there would be no way to prevent access without deleting the user. As a test, when blocking the user the SSH key still works.

There appears no way to delete keys via the API.