GitLab upgrading OS ruby version

Hi guys,

Sorry if my problem is not entirely related to GitLab itself but I need some information. In general I’m trying to integrate my GitLab instance with puppet lint. I got hooks configured and everything and they purely rely on bash and ruby. The issue I’m hitting is the scripts are running wrong version of ruby. I upgraded ruby on my OS using rvm and when I su to git user and run ruby --version I see correct (upgraded) version of ruby. Same thing when I do it from root. The problem I’m hitting is when I push the code it complains about the ruby version (which comes purely from puppet lint dependency). How do I find what is the environmental variables for ruby for the GitLab instance and where I can specify different values or add them. In general I tried to modify GEM_PATH in the scripts and change PATH and also source different profiles that didn’t help. I even ran into more troubles as even if I pointed scripts to correct version of ruby it wasn’t finding modules as it was - by default - keep looking for them in the default path.

Anybody has come across this problem before ? Any help really appreciated.

Thank you for your help in advance.