GitLab user not included in project pushed to my repo!!!


I have a problem with my project repository on GitLab.

I was doing a bootcamp project with my colleague, and at some point my colleague who was set as a Maintainer, pushed his commit from our school computer instead of his own.

He used his own login credentials (git push asked for it as usual), however on this perticular computer there was some other user set as global (global and global

The commit went through and now in commit history there is this other GitLab user that none of us know as an author of several last commits.

How is this possible? How some unknown user could end up in my project? Please imagine how bad it looks in the project development history.

In settings there was Private setting for whole repo. Now I added also “protected” attribute to all the branches.

Me: @altar10420

Legitimate colleague: @sawickim

Unknown user: @Nachri

What is your comment for this issue?

Hi @altar10420! First off: welcome to our community forum!

I looked over your situation and found that yes: because your commit was created by what we call a “global user”, your name is visible in the project history.

Going forward, you can avoid this by following the directions in this doc. Please let me know if you have questions around this!

Talk soon. :blush:

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