Gitlab-workhorse can not start after Raspberry restart - bind: cannot assign requested address

I’ve installed Gitlab-ce on my Raspberry PI 4B (4GB). It was running smoothly. Today I have to restart it and the Gitlab can not start. The only service which was can not start is the gitlab-workhorse.

sudo gitlab-ctl status
run: gitaly: (pid 15356) 19s; run: log: (pid 1306) 1331s
run: gitlab-kas: (pid 15530) 2s; run: log: (pid 1295) 1331s
down: gitlab-workhorse: 1s, normally up, want up; run: log: (pid 1297) 1331s
run: logrotate: (pid 9020) 629s; run: log: (pid 1311) 1331s
run: nginx: (pid 9026) 629s; run: log: (pid 1293) 1331s
run: postgresql: (pid 9038) 628s; run: log: (pid 1300) 1331s
run: puma: (pid 9055) 628s; run: log: (pid 1296) 1331s
run: redis: (pid 9060) 627s; run: log: (pid 1303) 1331s
run: sidekiq: (pid 9098) 624s; run: log: (pid 1299) 1331s

sudo gitlab-ctl tail
==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-kas/current <==
2023-02-24_16:46:57.24313 Program aborted: kubernetes_api: listen tcp [::1]:8154: bind: cannot assign requested address

==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/current <==
{“address”:“localhost:9229”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Running metrics server”,“network”:“tcp”,“time”:“2023-02-24T17:46:57+01:00”}
{“error”:“listen tcp [::1]:9229: bind: cannot assign requested address”,“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“shutting down”,“time”:“2023-02-24T17:46:57+01:00”}
{“address”:“localhost:9229”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Running metrics server”,“network”:“tcp”,“time”:“2023-02-24T17:46:58+01:00”}

I checked everything.
lsof -i :9229 → nothing on that port
lsof -i :8154 → nothing on that port either

I’m stuck and I haven’t got any ideas how to step further. :frowning:

If somebody have any suggestion it would be great and I will really appreciate it. Thanks.