GitOps: Flux reconciliation doesn't work properly with two gitlab agents

I’ve started with GitOps workflow. And all works fine with one gitlab agent: it creates flux receiver and my resources are updating immediately after git push. But after I added second gitlab agent I’m observing some problems: the auto reconciliation works only by specified time interval setting. The hook GitLab AgentFlux Receiver doesn’t work anymore!
My agents have Ids 10 (this is main agent for manifests project) and 11 (the secondary agent for other purposes, not for trigger reconciliation).
And it seems that these two agent are trying to create ONE receiver. I am observing that value of the kubectl get receiver... -o yaml command output is always changing between 10 and 11.
I suppose that there is some conflict between two agents.
How can I debug and solve this problem?
My first (the main) agent (with ID=10) lives in group A (all manifests are stored in the project of this group). And my second agent (with ID=11) lives in group ‘B’ (and it was created only for executing some commands in cluster, but not to update cluster resources, declared in manifests project of group A). Second agent don’t have to do anything with Flux, Receivers, Reconciliation and etc.