Give any registered user access to a project

I’m running GitLab CE 14.x (self-hosted). For a collaborative project, I want to allow access for every member of our company. I don’t really care if external users also get access, but every regular user should have Developer access, so that they can submit merge requests without the need to fork the project.

Things I don’t want to do:

  • add every user individually to the project and then add every user that joins our company whenever they do, obviously
  • create a group named “everyone” and add every user individually, then update that group whenever someone new joins
  • use the GitLab API to add all users now and then run that script in a cron job or something, because that script is bound to break at some point

How I imagine things might work:

  • there’s a virtual group of all regular users (self-updating, no maintenance involved) that I can just invite to the project
  • there’s an option in the project settings that automatically gives Developer access to every user that is not explicitly invited to the project

Unfortunately, the last two options don’t seem to exist, at least I didn’t find them. Is there a way in GitLab to do this properly?