Google Auth removed my code when I got new phone => recover codes not working

Apologies in advance as i cannot seem to access previous posts for this

My gitlab account was made purely for work on my work email → we have since migrated to github however I still need to access some repos on gitlab now and then

I haven’t logged into gitlab or ssh’d in probably a year or more but I save all of my information in my password manager, including all of my recovery codes

now i’m trying to login and my password works but when I switched phones my google authenticator didn’t migrate ANY of my authentication codes over to my new phone. I’ve since switched to twilio (hot tip google auth sucks)

my problem here is that when trying to enter one of my recovery codes in place of the authenticator code as the subtext so kindly suggests, none of them are accepted. So I’m locked out of my account.

Considering the fact that my password from my password manager is still working I can’t imagine why any of the recovery codes I stored in it are not.

Not sure how to move forward other than requesting my boss grants me access to my private email and I make a new gitlab account??? Please help!!

Since you previously set up SSH for this account, I suggest trying to generate new recovery codes using SSH:

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Also, a better application to use instead of Google Auth is “Authy”, which has backups. You can even use it on multiple phones at the same time. I believe Google Auth does have a backup/restore feature now, but since I started using Authy, I think it’s far more superior.

And as @gitlab-greg said, you can regenerate your recovery codes since you have an SSH key uploaded, and after this configure again your authenticator app, be it Google or Authy.

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