GraphQL - empty responses for one of the projects


Hi all,

I have got into an interesting situation with one of the Gitlab projects. GraphQL database gives pretty much empty response to requests related to that project.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

On frontend part of Gitlab all the project functionality depending on GraphQL stops working.

The responses in GraphQL explorer to queries related to that project seem like this:

  "data": {
    "project": null

I am able to list it when listing all projects, but once querying for the project itself, or users/issues in it I get nothing.

It seems like I am still able to export all the project data through project settings, so if all the data are stored in SQL database I wonder how GraphQL is populated and if there could be an easy way to fix this (e.g. reloading).

interestingly the only way we were able to get it working again was to change the path to something else and then back. Then GraphQL started to respond for the project requests again.