GraphQL no longer returning timelogs


I have a simple graphql query that looks like this that up until just a few days ago was working fine. Today, it is returning no nodes despite changing groups, start and end dates, etc. I can’t get any timelog data to return via graphql to I even changed access tokens but still the same result.

query {
  group(fullPath:"embrk-dev") {
    timelogs(startDate: "2020-09-01", endDate: "2020-09-30") {
      nodes {

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hi @ericsaupe did you manage to solve this problem? I found out that groupTimelogsEnabled in query returns false but I had no success to enable it.

Hi @ericsaupe, @klememi may I ask which Gitlab version and edition (CE, EE) you are referring to? We host Gitlab CE internally (v13.6.1).

E.g. the following query is not supported (i.e. groupsTimelogsEnabled cannot be queried) in our version, but is available at Gitlab Graphql API Explorer. You seem to be able to actually query the groupTimelogsEnabled field:

  group(fullPath: "gitlab-org") {

@ericsaupe @klememi sorry to bother you, but we are still trying to figure out how to work with timelogs. Could you tell me which Gitlab version you are (were) using while dealing with this issue? Thanks.

We are using CE edition (v13.9.0-pre) and I can query groupTimelogsEnabled but it’s returning false as I stated before.

hello all any update on this issue?