Has shared runners tags name changed?

My project uses shared runners to run the pipelines. Today we noticed this error:

This job is stuck because of one of the following problems: There are no active runners online, no runners for the protected branch, or no runners that match all of the job’s tags: docker

I took a look at the instance runners of gitlab.com, and I saw that the tags are ‘gitlab-org-docker’.

I don’t know if the tags where changed or if it was on my project side, but changing the tags in my.gitlab-ci.yml worked.

My question is, is it common that gitlab runners change their tags, and how can I be aware of those changes in the future?



I also encountered the same problem.

I found the official doc. and blog. (breaking-change! :sob:)
Deprecations and removals by version | GitLab
Removing tags from our small SaaS runner on Linux (gitlab.com)


Okay, so I guess we should now change the tags to “saas-linux-small-amd64”.

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I would prefer solution of removing the tags altogether, rather than hardcoding different one that will likely change in the future.

Edit: Obviously this will work only if you do not have any other specific runners where you want to run specific jobs. Otherwise they will be picking up random jobs without tags, which is usually not what you want.

More breaking changes with GitLab 17.0 are explained in