Has status.gitlab.com an 'public status API' available?

GitLab.com has an status page, https://status.gitlab.com/. It is based on status.io, which appears to have a ‘public status API’ according their documentation, Public Status API | Status.io Knowledge Base. However, so far I was not able to find this API for GitLab. Could you tell me if this API is available? And if so, what is its url?

(My goal is to integrate GitLab in the Dokuwiki Translation Tool (code) as well, such that it can make merge requests to our plugin authors repositories on GitLab. If exceptions happen, we check if hosting is available, preferable via such a public status API, to prevent superfluous error messages.)

With a bit trying on a trial account, I observed that the typical format is:
https://<16digitnumber>.hostedstatus.com/1.0/status/< statuspageid>
without the first key, it works also as http link: http://hostedstatus.com/1.0/status/5b36dc6502d06804c08349f7, does someone know if the https link is also available? That would be nice