HashiCorp Vault and Gitlab Free edition Compatibility

Hi all!

We considering using HashiCorp Vault and currently we have a free edition of Gitlab. I could not figure out whether HashiCorp Vault can be integrated in a free version ob Gitlab.
Here the webpage says that the integration is available in all editions:

But if you click on the link you get a documentation to Premium:

Here the documentation says again, that the integration is available in all tiers:

So what is true?

Thank you very much in advance!

It says for Hashicorp Vault it’s available in self-managed premium, Gitlab SaaS premium and higher tiers. You can see this after you hover over the premium word next to the title.

The documentation is only for ee, if you attempt to change ee to ce, it redirects to ee, which means it’s not available in ce, and cannot be used for free. The only thing that can is the external secrets in CI but maybe if it’s integrated with something else and not vault. Either that or the documentation isn’t consistent in some places if Hashicorp Vault is only Premium, then would suggest that the external CI is only possible for premium and higher.

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Thank you very much for your reply. If I hover over SaaS Free here, in both features (GitLab-managed App for HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Vault Integration) it says that it is available :confused:

Yeah I see that, although clicking the link goes to this for managed app: GitLab Managed Apps (DEPRECATED) | GitLab which then shows as being deprecated. Maybe it was at some point free, and the page hasn’t been updated maybe to reflect it?

The other one links to the premium docs: Authenticating and reading secrets with HashiCorp Vault | GitLab

Yeah, you are right, looks like the page with he features has not been updated for a while and probably the actual info is that HashiCorp Vault is not available with the ce.
Thank you!

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Any update on this please ? info is confusing :< (part of me doesn’t want to believe in that last conclusion :x)