Help me understand Gitlab CI for Github

Gitlab CI for Github will leave the free tier on March 22, but I don’t really understand what’s so relevant here for them to remove it from the free tier. I have been using it but it seems all components already exist in free tier to implement this. Isn’t it just a repo mirror from github and a webhook in github to setup the external ci service? Can’t you set this up manually for free after March 22, anyway?

Hi. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If you have any questions about GitLab product - including tiers, please create an issue in GitLab CE Issue Tracker, so that our product managers can join the discussion. Thanks.

Hi @pmatos. Where did you find the information about the feature being removed from the free tier?

I had a look through the documentation a while ago and it appeared to always be marked as a premium feature there. As far as I understood it, the main difference would be that you don’t actually have “pulling” repo-mirrors in the free tier, only the push option is free. I can’t find the relevant documentation right now, though.

Take a look at:

I quote the relevant part:

For users, GitLab CI/CD for GitHub will be available promotionally in our Free tier through March 22, 2019. (After March 22, 2019 it will move to the Silver tier and be available on Silver and Gold .)

Thanks, I opened #57774