Help with Iteration Summary Automation

Need help with this:

The Iteration Summary requests several pieces of data that are avaialble and should be extracted from GitLab. Specifically:

  1. What got added after the iteraion began?
  2. What got done during this iteration?
  3. What is getting pushed into the net iteration?

Develop a method to extract this information from GitLab by group or individual and on-demand or automatically.

Logic to answer all three questions in one query should be automated and transparent to the requestor/


  • Simple interface to select extraction criteria: iteration, group or specific individual, and optional scheduled date/time (e.g. last day of the month)
  • An on-demand view of the data supporting the three iteration questions based on the selections.
  • Capability to automatically email the answerts to the three questions, based on selections including a scheduled date/time, to the requestor
  • Capability to cancel a scheduled request.