Hosting the GitLab package repo in Artifactory

Hi There,

I am looking in to how feasible it is to host the GitLab package repo in our own Artifactory Pro server. This may sound like a strange request, however this is some method to my madness.

I need to carry out an upgrade of our existing GitLab Enterprise server and want to do so using apt-get as it will make doing this easier going forwards. However, our InfoSec team want to be able to “vet” all incoming repos - if I were able to set this up as a remote repo in our own Artifactory Pro server then it gives our InfoSec the ability to look in one location to carry out their work.

P.S. I know I am a Enterprise user, but I dont actually have any details of our enterprise support agreement at the moment, so I am using the community support. And, well, it could be something that the community might ask in the future.