How backup gitlab

Hi everyone I would like to make a gitlab backup of version 13.2.0 and then restore the database in version 15.2.

When I back up with the “gitlab-rake gitlab: backup: create” command, I notice several [skipped] wikis;

At the end of the backup there is a writing in red:

“” Warning: your gitlab.rb and gitlab-secrets.json files contain sensitive data and are not included in this backup. You will need these files to restore a backup.
Please back them up manually. “”

  1. How can I back up these files?

  2. Can I restore the backup from version 13.2 to version 15.2?

  3. Or how can I upgrade from version 13.2 to 15.2 directly?
    I’ve read that you have to do a lot of updates before you get to 15.2

  1. The files are in /etc/gitlab directory.
  2. No, the backup can only be restored to the same version of gitlab. So if backup was from 13.2 it can only be restored to 13.2.
  3. You cannot upgrade directly. You have to follow the upgrade path in the gitlab upgrade docs. And yes it will mean a lot of upgrades.
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