How can I change project visibility?

I find the user interface of Gitlab baffling whenever there is a feature that ought to be easy and yet is hidden, or perhaps, I’m falling into a hole here, where I have a project which I own and am in complete control of but yet seem not to have the right to change it’s visibility.

Should I be able to change project visibility from Project Settings? Right now I can find no way to change Private repository that I own to be Internal or Public.

Should I be able to click or otherwise change visibility?

I am at

The help says to do something that I can not do:

How to change project visibility
Go to your project’s Settings
Change “Visibility Level” to either Public, Internal or Private



I’m not familiar with this issue, so this may be a silly question… If you check on the “Members” view for the project, are you set as either the “Master” or “Owner”?

I’m set as Owner on this project but unlike other projects where I’m the owner, i can’t change the Visibility level.

I wonder if because I have already granted at least one other user explicit access, I’m no longer allowed to change visibility level.


Keeping in mind that I don’t have a GitLab instance running on my own server (I use the hosted “” version), I don’t think this is as simple as configuration. I’ve got a few private projects with other members added as developers, but they still give me the option of making them “Internal” or “Public”.

With that said, when you’re maintaining your own GitLab instance, you do have access to configuration options that we don’t in the public version. If you check the note at the bottom of this page, it sounds like you might be able to prevent projects from being made “Internal” or “Public”; maybe that’s what you’re looking for here?

GitLab constrains the visibility options for a project to be no ‘looser’ than that of its enclosing group. Is the group visibility for this repository set to ‘private?’



Yes it was, this is it. Maybe the UI could be a bit more clear. “Please change visibility to Internal if you want to have any privacy options on a per repo basis”.

Thanks to your detailed description I found that I need to add ‘/edit’ to my repo’s URL to edit visibility. There seems to be no clickable link anywhere. I have to admit I’m really struggling with the GitLab GUI.

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thank you for providing this information because I had no idea how to enable the ability to change to public without this info. honestly, this is a poorly designed structure in general and no indication of how to address it in the UI is even worse. GitLab workflow is not ideal in a lot of ways. Hopefully they fix this stuff.