How can I print a list of the commits of a user to a repository on gitlab?

How can I print the commits or a list of the commits in git lab for a user of a project?

Background: Morning everyone, I am a new user to git lab. I am testing the software and its scalability for my local community. My community has never used Gitlab or CI/CD pipelines before as everything has been done through change requests where you list out the changes.
I feel like this should have a simple answer and be found on the url but I cannot figure out where.

Are you looking for discovering just one author’s commits, or something more complex (such as a list of changes between two points)?

For the former:

For Web UI: Filter the lists on any commits history view using the Author dropdown on the top right area:

For CLI:

git log --author="John Doe"
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Thanks so much! I was original looking for the former and how to do it on the web UI!

Thought now I am curious about the latter.

Use the Compare page on the left sidebar (under Repository section) to pick any two branches (or revisions) to generate just the difference between them. Checkout our documentation on the Compare feature:

For CLI, you can leverage the .. operator to pass in any two revision points (branches, tags, commit IDs). For example:

git log old_branch_name..new_branch_name