How do I access the latest releases on magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean? I keep getting a 404 error. Has the user gone private?

Hi! I am unable to access the latest releases of magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean. I keep getting a 404 error when I try to access I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I just tried now, and I can view it as well as the tagged releases.

Hmm. Project itself is visible, tags as well, but Release Pages not (if that’s what you’re asking about - in that case you provided wrong URL?). Would be the best to reach out to the Project Maintainer :slight_smile:

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@magnolia1234 just seen this–anyone know more?

Well, I could guess by the name of the repo, that it was maybe dodgy or illegal and so got banned.

@iwalker Thank you for looking into it. Were you able to see the releases on the link that was provided or on a different one? Could you share the link where you were able to see the releases?

@iwalker I just wanted to know if it was an issue on my side or if everyone is unable to see the release page and are getting a 404 error like the one I posted.

Am seeing the same error msg too. Any resolution?

As I believe the repository was removed due to a DMCA request, then there won’t be any resolution in the sense that it is accessible again on