How Do I Fork My Own Project to a Group

So I made this project Foo, and sent the link to a bunch of people already.

Then later I came up with more ideas which can be better organized as projects within a group as Foo is.

But I don’t want to transfer the ownership of Foo to this group because that would break the link which I sent to people.

And I am aware of another way of achieving this: first transfer Foo to the group, then fork from the group to my own namespace. But it just feels a bit weird to have a fork project which I am the owner.

Is there a way to fork Foo from my namespace to the group? Or how do people usually do when facing such situations?

You are right, this is not implemented yet, there is a suggestion on the feedback tracker.

I guess this is the way to do it for now…

Thanks. I’ll proceed in this way then.

Your link for feedback tracker is invalid. May I know the correct url link or main page?