How do I get the Commit count using the Gitlab Api?


I am currently creating a Commit chart using the Gitlab API.

Currently I am developing using vue.js.
By the way, I used and I can not get commit count…:frowning:

In addition, private projects can be retrieved using an access token, while public projects can not be retrieved.

in conclusion…

  1. How can I get a user’s commit and commit count?
  2. How do I get the contents of a user’s public project commit using access token?

i have made a complete python file to get the commits of each branch of a project using project ID and store it in a csv file.
you can find the source here :

in my case i have more than 1000 pages and each page contains 100 commits , am able to traverse all the pages and get the content and store it in a database typically 1000*100 rows . But its taking more time . Suggest how to accomplish this ?