How do I integrate JIRA with GitLab CE 8.12?

I’m trying to integrate an Atlassian hosted version of JIRA with a local copy of GitLab CE 8.12, but I’m not sure what the values are for my project and issue URL’s are for the JIRA integration. A screenshot of the integration settings screen for my GitLab project is attached:

In particular, I’m not sure about the New issue URL.

I tried following the JIRA integration instructions for GitLab from the following tutorial page, but it seems to be for a different version of GitLab as the configuration options have changed significantly .

Can anyone tell me what the URL settings should be for this project integration? I know that they will differ for each customer and from project to project, but an URL would be helpful.

Depending on which way you’re hoping to have the JIRA / GitLab integration work - you could use: (disclosure: I’m a co-founder at BigBrassBand, the vendor supporting this add-on).