How to access wiki pages via API ( private repo)

Using private repository and figuring out to access the API programmatically from a PHP web app.

It seems like Gitlab (& github for that matter) allows you to access the wiki of projects as a separate repository. How do you practically build a UI for the wiki pages like the one inside Gitlab with this workflow?

We have an internal web application that operations staff uses. The developers use Gitlab wiki to document things. If we want to keep all the wiki pages for the company together, the plan was to expose some pages of the wiki to the operations staff so they can contribute WITHOUT having to login to Gitlab. So, the UI needs to be inside the internal PHP web application.

In Redmine, they have an API where you grab the wiki pages (the entire markdown text) via a REST API and also save back changes to it once you are done.

Hi - I’m also interested in this. Has anyone got suggestions as to how to make this work?