How to add gitlab-runners to embedded prometheus


I have been using gitlab’s embedded prometheus to collect gitlab data and graph them in an external grafana.

Now I want to add my runners to grafana too. I have added the lilsten-address to the runner config and i can access the metrics from http://runner_fqdn:9252/metrics.

Now I want the embedded prometheus to collect its data, so what should I do?

If it’s impossible to use the embeded prometheus, i will have to install a standalone prometheus only for runner, what is not preferred.

Thanks in advance!



you can define a custom scrape config for the omnibus managed Prometheus instance.

This also was the missing bit for me so I had asked our fellow engineer @cpallares :sunglasses: Here’s the documentation with more details.

Example based on your question:

prometheus['scrape_configs'] = [
    'job_name': 'external-runner-fqdn',
    'metrics_path': '/metrics',
    'params' => {
    'static_configs' => [
      'targets' => ['runner_fqdn:9252'],


Follow-up, @dhershkovitch shared this video walkthough with me :+1:

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