How to add verification with .html verification file for google search console to blog or repository

Hello! I try to register my blog on gitlab pages to google via the google search console. The search console tells me to place a verification .html file in the root folder of my page. However, because the blog is created via gitlab’s CI/CD pipeline I do not know how to access my root folder. The alternative to register the domain of my repository (instead of that of the blog) also does not work, because google is not able to find the verification file although I upload it to my repository. Anybody has a suggestion for a solution? I.e. how to make google search console find my verification file…

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No news about this? Same problem here.

Hi, It depends on what SSG (Static Site Generator) you are using to generate your website, but you can make GitLab CI copy or create the verification file in your public folder. To help guide, what SSG are you using, is it just HTML and can you share what you .gitlab-ci.yaml file look like?

What website? I just want my public repository to be indexed by Google, just as it happens with any Github or Sourceforge repository.

Oh…I thought you were having the same problem as the original poster mentioned. They were referring to using GitLab Pages to publish a blog. There is currently no way to perform Google verification for a GitLab project, however GitLab allows indexing of public projects, mostly project files and issues. Members of the community have shared issues with the indexing, but there is an ongoing effort to improve the SEO of the GitLab SaaS project.

Well, the original poster also mentioned repositories (as well as pages).
In any case, thank you for your help. The link about indexing issues you’ve shared seems very useful.