How to change runner number?

I created a number of runners, then unregistered and deleted them all. When I create a new runner, the number is not one. Why?

Thank you.

Because it’s internal identifier (ID) which is probably set to autoincrement and is just increasing with every new Runner. But that does not change anything about the behavior. You can also set a Runner name/description and call it My Fancy Runner 1 if you’d like :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your reply.
Is it impossible to reset this number? I had created some runners for testing and now the main runner number is a number other than 1.

No, not without digging in the database and resetting it (and that might break your install). The number doesn’t make any difference other than what you see on the web-ui. It’s not important or even relevant to the way the runner works. It’s just a number. Just ignore it.


Thank you so much for your reply.
I know it’s just a number, but I don’t want anyone to know how many runners I’ve created.