How to change the DNS of my server

Hello friends,

How to change the DNS of my server ? Actually is and when I create a project the links are created with this domain.
I have already make change in the gitlab.rb file and change the default DNS alies to new DNS but still gitting the same links.?
Please tell me how i can solve this problem.

Note: I have installed on Centos 7.0 with omnibus installation.


Hi Erin,

Step 1:
I request you to run the below command and share the output also.

to reconfigure the gitlab:
gitlab-ctl reconfigure

to restart the gitlab:
gitlab-ctl restart

Step 2:

After performing the step 1 perform the step 2:

I request you to post the output of the below command for further investigation.

to check the gitlab environment information(system information):
gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info

to check hostname of the machine:

verify hostname of machine:
cat /etc/hosts

to check url for gitlab:
cat /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb | grep external_url

to check gitlab component:
sudo gitlab-ctl status

to check DNS on your machine and the machines you are testing your URL:
nslookup your domain name

to check the route:
traceroute your domain name

to check port is open for GitLab or not:
netstat -tlpn

to check selinux status:

to check any firewall enabled or not:
iptables --list

I hope the above step’s will help you.