How to clone issues in gitlab

Is there a way to clone a issue in gitlab UI? if its only via CLI is there a document?

Why would you want to clone an issue? I don’t understand why that would be useful?

There is an option in the GUI to open a new related issue to the existing issue. This is accessible via the three dots next to the close issue button. Maybe that is what you want?

Maybe if you explain a bit more about what you are trying to achieve and for what reasons, then it would help people understand. But the way I see it, no there isn’t an option to clone the issue. There isn’t anything in the Gitlab Issues API either to do something like that.

You can clone an issue via quick action using /clone. But at this time it doesn’t look like there is a GUI way to clone.
If you’re unfamiliar with quick actions you can see more about them here (including some info on the /clone quick action).


@noah_d nice :+1: wasn’t aware of that.

Cloning issues is helpful when you need to create a bunch of issues with same labels, assignees, and maybe details inside. For example, you create similar issues for different teams or developers.

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